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Upcoming Webinar

Get to know how reporting and analyses can be one-click simple for everyone in your agency

Two Sessions: April 29 and May 6th, 1:00pm ET (1 hour session)

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Data-driven decisions in the workforce system is the new norm. Gone are the days when simply meeting federal reporting requirements was enough, especially under WIOA. 

Managing programs for continuous improvement requires that agencies have access to performance information that is timely, accurate, and easily accessible for the non-technical using the latest in Business Intelligence and Web technology that can be delivered at significant cost savings. Agencies should focus on what their performance data is telling them and not about how and if they can get access to the information needed to answer program and policy performance questions.

This session will highlight the use of our Performance Matters application service in a client state. We'll explore what data it handles, where does it come from, how does it get into the performance system and how it is utilized by end users. We'll  even dive into some performance data for select attendees using their own data to put it all in proper context. We'll discuss how we're already talking WIOA data and what it means to our client's performance management systems as we make the transition. You'll leave the session with a solid understanding of how, for the past 15 years, we've helped our federal, state and local board clients dive into performance data.

Sessions are complimentary.Seating is limited.

WIOA Watch!

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Our job is to pay close attention to workforce system performance. Every day our development team and technical assistance experts closely monitor the reporting and analysis requirement landscape. As WIOA is implemented, we'll tweet the latest from our shop.

Reporting and Analysis.
There's an app for that!

Hosted Web apps for the reporting and analysis of workforce development programs... it's all we do.

Some Highlights

  • Support for WIA, Wagner-Peyser, TAA, or customized programs in a single, secured Web application service
  • Unique, hosted Web application service for your state or workforce board
  • WIA data validation with PM Verify
  • Dynamic and nearly limitless reporting and analysis to the Job Center, Youth Provider and ETPL levels
  • All in the cloud- data warehousing, infrastruture, Web app included
  • Ongoing upgrades and enhancements to meet federal reporting requirements - We are WIOA ready!
  • Complete end-user support, including ongoing training and technical assistance
  • Unlimited users
  • Dashboards that can be emailed, posted to agency websites and more
  • Numerous application features
  • ...and much more

Learn more about our 3 application service tiers and how they can help your agency's performance and continuous improvement.


Drop-In Demo Schedule.

Would you like to see any or all of the Performance Matters Web apps in action? Here's the current Drop-In Demo schedule. Can't make one of these dates? No problem. Tell us when would work for you.

April 14, 16, 21, 23; May 12, 14
1pm EST

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