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PMQ is a subscription based Web application service for the reporting and analysis of national WIA quarterly performance data. PMQ brings WIA data from the cloud to your desktop in an intuitive and easy to use format. No query building. No IT headaches. No risk.

Want to see how your Workforce Investment Board compares to others in your state, region or all other workforce boards in the country? Would you like to quickly gain a deeper understanding of program outcomes by participant services and characteristics? Want to have immediate access to dynamic WIA performance information using a simple website? Explore the tabs below for more detailed information. Demonstrations are available to fit your schedule or simply join a Drop-In Demo.

Key Features

The power behind PMQ is that you have national WIA data at your fingertips, over 5 million participant records to play with in a dynamic, Web-based application. PMQ provides the necessary features to make working with this data

  • Secured Web application
  • Single click Excel exporting
  • Create a personal library of saved reports, customize favorite report menu
  • Share reports across the PMQ user community
  • Drag and Drop Ad hoc report building, including custom charts and calculations using built in math and statistical formulas.
  • Customize report formats
  • Print options
  • Comprehensive Support Center
  • Built in statistical and math calculator
  • Access to all data points provided in national WIA data
  • How-to Videos

Available Data

What Data is loaded to PMQ?

PMQ is populated with USDOL Workforce Investment Act (WIA) national quarterly data. Each quarter, states submit WIA program data to USDOL. Once received, reviewed and documented, USDOL packages the data into a national data set and releases this it for public consumption. Each release contains 4 quarters worth of data, the most current quarter and the previous three; on average, included in the data is 5-6 million WIA program participants. PMQ stores the full four quarter or annual block of data for reporting and analysis.

Data Update Frequency

PMQ is updated within 72 hours of public release of new WIA data.

Historical Data Available

PMQ subscribers have access to national WIA data from the most recent prior two program years at no additional cost.

From Data to BI Access Fast

Performance Indicators

You may conduct detailed analysis with the following metrics in PMQ.

Outcome Metrics

All Common Performance Measures for Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth. All "legacy" measures, including Adult and Dislocated Worker Earnings Change, Adult and Dislocated Worker Credential Rate, Older and Younger Youth metrics.

Participant Flow Metrics

New Participants, Exited Participants, Served Participants, Carry-Over Participants

Performance Goals Included

PMQ includes state level and GPRA performance goals for Common Performance Measures

Customized FutureWorks Performance Indicators

Average Days In Program, Days in Core, Intensive, Training; Training Completions

Drill Down Analytics

Drill down monitoring, analysis and reporting by:

  • Region, State, WIB area
  • All WIA outcome metrics and Common Measures, including customized FutureWorks performance indicators
  • Participant flow metrics
  • Participant characteristics
  • Participant services
  • Quarters, Program Year to Date

Dashboard Application

PMQ includes 4 distinct dashboards. Dashboards provide a 50,000 foot view of performance down to the WIB level. They are available online and interactive. They are shareable as a PDF document while maintaining their interactivity.

Available Dashboards:

  • WIA Performance (All Common Measures, variance reporting to state or GPRA performance goals)
  • Participant Flow (served, exited, new participant)
  • Actual Outcomes
  • Results (a WIA performance dashboard specifically designed for the layperson)

Training & Support

PMQ subscribers are provided 3, 1-hour Webinar training sessions. Subscribers have access to phone and email support.

PMQ includes a comprehensive online Support Center, complete with how-to videos.

Pricing & Implementation

PMQ is a subscription service and is priced per licensee. FutureWork Systems has partnered with several leading workforce development associations to extend discounts to their membership. Bulk pricing is available. For pricing for subscriptions greater than 10 licensees, please contact us for a custom quote.

  • $3,600/yr. per subscriber
  • $2,100/yr. per subscriber (for members of partnering organizations)

PMQ Partners may offer exclusive PMQ subscription deals to their members. Organizations interested in becoming a PMQ Partner should contact us for details.



Oh yeah! WIOA data views are popping up in Performance Matters

We're not quite receiving the new WIOA PIRL file from our Performance Matters clients, but we are ready for it!

Regardless, the data we do receive under WIA's WIASRD file is enough to provide us with what we need to calculate the lionshare of WIOA indicators. Clients should expect to see WIOA specific data views appear on their Performance Matters site as early as July, along with announcements for special Webinar sessions to introduce them.

How can BI Improve your Performance?

Instant, intuitive access to program data across your agency to support a performance dialog agency-wide and evidence-based decision making that can lead to improved programs for the communities you serve. That's effective Business Intelligence.

But to really understand it for Workforce Development, you must see it in action and learn from the experts who have seen it done across the country and at all levels across the workforce development system, including ETA, States and Workforce Development Boards. WIOA reporting and analysis can be push-button simple and empowering to agency decision-making.

Schedule a 45 minute demonstration with a FutureWork's expert.

BI can make a difference. We'll use your own data to prove it.

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WIOA Dashboard site launched

We may be jumping the gun, but we already converted our WIA dashboard site to a WIOA dashboard site. We really couldn't wait to freshen up the look and feel and prepare for some mobile-friendly dashboards. Hurray!

Dashboards currently report the most current USDOL quarterly WIA data, so we aren't quite at WIOA yet...but we'll be ready when the data is! Check out the new site and don't forget to sign up to be notified when dashboards are updated with new data.

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