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Comprehensive Business Intelligence application service for Workforce Development.


Performance Matters is a single workforce development business intelligence (BI) Web application service designed to specifically meet the detailed performance reporting and analysis needs of local and state workforce agencies for multiple workforce development programs, including WIOA titles I, III and Trade Act and to support continuous improvement efforts through tech support and tech assistance services for end-users.

Performance Matters is unique for each Performance Matters client.

Clients enjoy the freedom of a fully hosted, cloud-based application service without any of the risks and investments required to develop, operate and support a robust reporting and analytical solution.

Performance Matters provides numerous features to support client performance management strategies, including unlimited user access seats, an online roster application for participant level analytics, data validation services consistent with USDOL specifications and data access using dashboards to open performance data up to anyone, including the public, to ad-hoc data views for users to create their own library of reports.

Performance Matters is an agency's single contact point for performance information and insight, a single-version of the truth to help drive data-driven program and policy decisions.

Key Features

Performance Matters Plus provides many features to make performance data access easy for reporting and analytics for any technical skillset.

  • Secured, intutive Web application specific to your State/Region/Workforce Development Board.
  • Over 80 Default Dynamic Reports allowing for near limitless end-user configuration
  • Dynamic ETA Reports
  • Adjustment Model support
  • Create personal libraries of saved reports
  • Share reports across your user community
  • Ad hoc report building, including custom charts and calculations using built in math and statistical formulas.
  • Customize report formats to address specific agency reporting needs
  • Export Reports to Excel
  • Comprehensive Support Center with how-to videos
  • Favorite Report management
  • Customized report navigation
  • Online Site Audit rosters for participant level analytics and reconciliation.
  • Online Case Management rosters for participant level follow-up guidance
  • Dashboards for open distribution
  • The RoadMap - shortcut data understanding by connecting common performance questions direct to data for answers.
  • Includes access to PM National - for tapping National WIOA USDOL data using FutureWorks Performance Matters BI application service. Examine detailed national WIOA data, including by Eligible Training Providers, Zip Codes, NAICS (industry codes) pre and post participation

Available Data

Performance Matters can include WIOA Titles I-IV, and any customized data set for special program monitoring and reporting. We like to say, if you're collecting it and you have defined performance metrics, we can allow you to dig in, analyze and report it.

Data Update Frequency

Data is updated monthly from extracts out of your case management systems in federally defined data formats. Want the details behind our data load process? Contact us

Performance Goals Tracked

State/WDB/AJC,Youth provider and ETP performance goals may be tracked. In addition, participant flow indicator goals may be tracked (New Enrollments, Served, In-Program).

Allocation and Expenditure Data for Cost-Per Analysis

Quarterly allocation and expenditure data may be included within the application for cost-per participant analytics.

Historical Data Available

Performance Matters may contain multiple program years of historical data going back 3+ program years, deliverying valuable longitudinal insight.

Data Validation with PM Verify

Performance Matters includes the PM Verify data validation service for submitted PIRL (WIOA) data files. As part of processing submitted data into your BI web application, the FutureWork data team runs submitted data through the PM Verify validation program which follows the same validation rules as USDOL EDVRS. PM Verify outputs a series of comprehensive reports, including error reports that may have been generated during this validation process. Reports that are generated from PM Verify are easy to understand and contain all the information needed to assist you in troubleshooting data issues. PM Verify ensures that the data in the BI system is in good form before end-users conduct reporting and analyses. PM Verify will catch errors fast and allow for client data correction.

Performance Indicators

  • All WIOA Performance Indicators, including Employer metrics when provided.
  • Select WIA performance measures, such as Earnings Change and Average Earnings for a wider range of wage based analytics.
  • Custom State/Workforce Development Board indicators may be included.
  • FutureWork Systems specific metrics, such as Average Days in Program, Impact, or Training Completion Rate.

Participant Flow Metrics

  • Reportable Individuals/Participants
  • New Enrollments, Exiters, Currently Enrolled, Carry-Over and Served

Performance Goals Included

  • State/WDB performance goals
  • AJC/Center/ETP level goals (optional).

Drill Down Analytics

Drill down monitoring, analysis and reporting by:

  • State, Region, Workforce Development Board, America's Job Center, Youth provider (or other alternate view, such as by special grant code, cluster of locations, etc.)
  • All WIA/WIOA outcome indicators
  • Participant flow indicators
  • All Participant characteristics
  • All Participant services
  • Months, quarters, program year to date
  • Historical program years
  • Eligible Training Providers, Zip Code, NAICS Pre and Post employment codes, ONET Pre and Post.
  • + other custom data points


Predictive Rosters

The Predictive Rosters application is a secure application module attached to your Performance Matters application. This module is designed to provide users with access to the participant level record information for WIOA participants loaded into Performance Matters. Predictive Rosters are easily accessible for all, there are no special query building skills required.

Predictive Rosters highlights:

  • Easily investigate participant level data online by WIOA Performance Indicator - outcomes are always calculated in audit or predictive modes!
  • Directly connected to your Performance Matters application data
  • Robust filtering, single-click sorting
  • Participant records for those within performance indicators
  • Participant records for those pending inclusion in performance indicators
  • Plain-English reasons why participants didn't make a indicator
  • Support documentation about how to use the rosters to improve performance/guide follow-up activities
  • Export features such as, export to CSV format
  • Printing

PM National

PM National is a standalone BI application service to provide access to public WIOA national data provided by USDOL. This quarterly data of nearly 11 million records is loaded into FutureWork's Performance Matters BI system allowing for detailed reporting and analytics at the national, USDOL regional, State, Workforce Development Board or Eligible Training Provider levels. All WIOA data collected in the PIRL data spec is avialable for drilling, slicing and dicing to help you gain deeper insight into WIOA participant activities, characteristics and outcomes across the entire country.

PM National is included as an embedded module in all client Performance Matters applications.

Learn more about PM National

Adjustment Model Toolkit

The WIOA statistical adjustment model (SAM) requires a combination of economic data and WIOA participant data to help states and USDOLset WIOA performance indicator goals that are based on real data.

Performance Matters contains your most current WIOA participant data. The Adjustment Model Toolkit pulls this current WIOA participant data from your Performance Matters application, calculates the coefficients and feeds all the data to a robust, easy to use SAM workbook exported in Excel. Using the Adjustment Model Toolkit, you simply enter the economic data required by the SAM directly into the your SAM workbook.

The Adjustment Model Toolkit is a must have resource as part of your performance negotiations. In addition, you can use it anytime to see how your targets may be changing overtime as the population you serve shifts and economic conditions change. Stay ahead of a moving target.



Client Customization

Sometimes one size does not fit all. For some, customizing Performance Matters is an important requirement. During the implementation phase, FutureWork systems' implementation team reviews customization options available in the off-the-shelf Performance Matters application service. At anytime during the application service period, clients have the option to customize their Performance Matters application service to keep pace with their changing performance reporting and analysis needs.

Some common customizations:

  • Reporting and tracking of unique state/local performance indicators
  • Reporting and tracking of unique workforce programs beyond WIOA, such as special statewide dislocated worker programs or other state/local employment and training intiatives
  • Inclusion of supplemental data to extend the value and analytics possible from WIOA participant data
  • Specific State/Local data views or reports
  • Tracking performance goals for AJCs/ETPs





Cost Per Analytics

Performance Matters allows for the inclusion of quarterly WIOA allocation and expenditure data to provide clients with cost per analytics. This value-add module helps you slice and dice data while adding a collection of cost per metrics to your performance system.


Training & Support

Performance Matters includes important ongoing technical support and assistance to help users integrate their Performance Matters application as part of their agency performance management strategy. Whether by phone, Web, email or Live Chat support, the FutureWork's team provides a level of tech support and assistance designed to help users bridge the gap between data and understanding.

It all starts with on-site training.

Performance Matters users are trained on-site in a computer lab setting. Training typically is one, full day, but may vary depending on the number of users requiring training or the content to be covered.

Additional support resources

  • On-demand, customized webinar training sessions available at no additional expense
  • A comprehensive support center, complete with how-to videos and interactive dictionaries
  • The RoadMap - a resource where common performance questions are connected directly to data reports for answers. It's simple, single click reporting for immediate performance intel.

Quarterly Performance Reviews

Performance Matters clients may take advantage of Quarterly Performance Reviews. These 30min-1 hour FutureWorks hosted webinars cover insights discovered by FutureWork's analysis of your performance data. Sessions may focus on topics requested by clients or may focus on highlights of what the FutureWork's team of experts discovered reviewing your data. Attendees benefit by exposure to their Performance Matters application and how it is used to understand more about program performance. Participants walk away with solid data-driven insights and more capacity to make data-driven program and policy decisons while at the same time building experience with Performance Matters.

Pricing & Implementation


Performance Matters is priced based on the transaction volume of a state or Workforce Development Board and on the scope of the application. Please contact us for a quote.

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A Performance Matter implementation timeframe is dependent upon the scope of the application. Typically, implementation times range from as fast as 7 days to 30 days. An estimated implementation time frame is provided with your price quote.

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