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Performance Matters Plus is a single workforce development business intelligence (BI) Web application service designed to specifically meet the detailed performance reporting and analysis needs of local and state workforce agencies for multiple workforce development programs, including WIOA titles I - IV and to support continuous improvement efforts through tech support and tech assistance services for end-users.

Performance Matters Plus is unique for each Performance Matters Plus client.

Clients enjoy the freedom of a fully hosted, cloud-based application service without any of the risks and investements required to develop, operate and support a robust reporting and analysis solution.

Performanc Matters Plus provides numerous features to support client performance management strategies, including unlimited user access seats, an online roster application for participant level analysis, data validation services consistent with USDOL specifications and data access using a disiinct client dashboard application that can open performance data up to anyone, including the public, to ad-hoc data views for users to create reports they need, as they need them.

Performance Matters is an agency's single contact point for performance information and insight , a single-version of the truth to help drive data-driven program and policy decisions.

Key Features

Performance Matters Plus provides many features to make performance data access easy for reporting and analysis for any technical skillset.

  • Secured Web application specific to your state, requires only a Web browser and an Internet connection.
  • Excel exporting
  • Create a personal library of saved reports
  • Share reports across your user community
  • Ad hoc report building, including custom charts and calculations using built in math and statistical formulas.
  • Customize report formats
  • Print options
  • Comprehensive Support Center with how-to videos
  • Favorite view management
  • Customized report navigation
  • Online Site Audit rosters for participant level analysis and reconciliation.
  • Online Case Management rosters for participant level performance management follow-up
  • Dashboard Application with administrative features
  • Questions Library - shortcut data understanding by connecting common performance questions direct to data for answers.
  • Includes access to PMQ - for tapping National WIA/WIOA USDOL data using FutureWorks Performance Matters BI application service

Available Data

Performance Matters Plus can include WIA, WIOA Titles I-IV, Wagner-Peyser, TAA, or any customized data set for special program monitoring and reporting. We like to say, if you're collecting it and you have defined performance metrics, we can allow you to dig in and analyze and report it.

Data Update Frequency

Data is updated monthly.

Performance Goals Tracked

State/WDB/AJC,Youth provider performance goals may be tracked. In addition, participant flow indicator goals may be tracked.

Allocation and Expenditure Data for Cost-Per Analysis

Quarterly allocation and expenditure data may be included within the application for cost-per participant analysis and reporting.

Historical Data Available

Performance Matters Plus may contain multiple program years of historical data going back 3 program years, deliverying valuable longitudinal insight.

Data Validation with PM Verify

Performance Matters Plus includes the PM Verify data validation service for submitted WIASRD (WIA)/PIRL (WIOA) data files. As part of processing submitted data into your BI web application, the FutureWork data team runs submitted data through the PM Verify validation program which follows the same validation rules as USDOL EDVRS. PM Verify outputs a series of comprehensive reports, including error reports that may have been generated during this validation process. Reports that are generated from PM Verify are easy to understand and contain all the information needed to assist you in troubleshooting data issues. PM Verify ensures that the data in the BI system is in good form before end-users conduct reporting and analyses. PM Verify will catch errors fast and allow for client data correction. When PM Verify gives the green light, clients can be confident that data submission to USDOL EDVRS can be completed one time.

From Data to BI Access Fast

Performance Indicators

All WIA Common Performance Measures for Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth. All "legacy" measures, including Adult and Dislocated Worker Earnings Change, Adult and Dislocated Worker Credential Rate, Older and Younger Youth metrics, Adult and Dislocated Worker Replacement Rate, and any optional custom metrics specific to the WDB or State.

WIOA Indicators: Adult and Dislocated Worker Employment Rate Q2 and Q4, Youth Placement Rate Q2 & Q4, Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth Median Earnings, Credential Rate, Measureable Skills Gains, Employee Retention Rate, Employer Penetration Rate, Repeat Business Customers Rate.

Participant Flow Metrics

Self-Serve, New Registrants, Exiters, Currently Enrolled, Carry-Over and Served Participants

Performance Goals Included

State/WDB/AJC/Center level goals can be tracked.

Drill Down Analytics

Drill down monitoring, analysis and reporting by:

  • State, WDB area, America's Job Center, Youth provider (or other alternate view, such as by special grant code, cluster of locations)
  • All WIA/WIOA outcome indicators
  • Participant flow indicators
  • All Participant characteristics
  • All Participant services
  • Months, quarters, program year to date
  • Historical program years
  • + other custom data points


Dashboard Application

Each Performance Matters Plus application service includes a unique and secure web based Dashboard Application. It's implemented with a minimum of 3 dashboards (number of dashboards dependent upon data managed in the system). Each dashboard can provide a high-level view of performance information down to the WDB or One-Stop/Youth Provider level, depending on client needs.

Dashboards are dynamic and can easily be shared with others via PDF export or even posted in powerpoint presentations or to agency Websites. The dashboard application is secured and client administrators may distribute dashboard seats to whomever they desire. Administrators may provide dashboard commentary as well as control who sees what dashboard and who has access to PDF export options.

Performance Matters Plus clients have the option to customize dashboards as an optional service.

The Online Rosters application is a secure application module attached to your Performance Matters Plus application. This module is designed to provide users with access to the participant level record information for those WIA/WIOA participants found within performance indicators. Online Rosters are easily accessible for all, there are no special query building skills required.

Online Rosters highlights:

  • Easily investigate participant level data online; directly connected to your Performance Matters Plus application
  • Robust filtering, single-click sorting
  • Participant records for those within performance indicators
  • Participant records for those pending inclusion in performance indicators
  • Plain-English reasons why participants didn't make a indicator
  • Support documentation about how to use the rosters to improve performance
  • Export features to copy records to clipboard for pasting, export to PDF, Excel, CSV format
  • Printing
  • Accessible on tablets


Training & Support

Performance Matters Plus includes important ongoing technical support and assistance to help users integrate their Performance Matters Plus application as part of their agency performance management strategy. Whether by phone, Web or email support, the FutureWork's team provides a level of tech support and assistance designed to help users bridge the gap between data and understanding.

It all starts with on-site training.

Performance Matters Plus users are trained on-site in a computer lab setting. Training typically is one, full day, but may vary depending on the number of users requiring training or the content to be covered.

Additional support resources

  • On request, customized webinar training sessions available
  • A comprehensive support center, complete with how-to videos
  • Question Library - This resource connects users to common performance questions that connect directly to data reports for answers. It's simple, single click reporting for immediate performance intel.

Quarterly Performance Reviews

PM Plus clients are allowed 4 quarterly performance reviews per year. These 30min-1 hour FutureWorks hosted webinars cover insights discovered from the FutureWork's analysis of your performance data. Sessions may focus on topics requested by clients or may focus on highlights of what the FutureWork's team of experts discovered reviewing your data. Attendees benefit by exposure to their Performance Matters Plus and how it is used to understand more about program performance. Participants walk away with solid data-driven insights and more capacity to make data-driven program and policy decisons.

Pricing & Implementation


Performance Matters Plus is priced based on the transaction volume of a state or local workforce investment area and on the scope of the program data to be managed. Please contact us for a quote.

price quote


A Performance Matter Plus implementation timeframe is dependent upon the scope of the application. Typically, implementation times range from as fast as 7 days to 30 days. An estimated implementation time frame is provided with your price quote.

Oh yeah! WIOA data views are popping up in Performance Matters

We're not quite receiving the new WIOA PIRL file from our Performance Matters clients, but we are ready for it!

Regardless, the data we do receive under WIA's WIASRD file is enough to provide us with what we need to calculate the lionshare of WIOA indicators. Clients should expect to see WIOA specific data views appear on their Performance Matters site as early as July, along with announcements for special Webinar sessions to introduce them.

How can BI Improve your Performance?

Instant, intuitive access to program data across your agency to support a performance dialog agency-wide and evidence-based decision making that can lead to improved programs for the communities you serve. That's effective Business Intelligence.

But to really understand it for Workforce Development, you must see it in action and learn from the experts who have seen it done across the country and at all levels across the workforce development system, including ETA, States and Workforce Development Boards. WIOA reporting and analysis can be push-button simple and empowering to agency decision-making.

Schedule a 45 minute demonstration with a FutureWork's expert.

BI can make a difference. We'll use your own data to prove it.

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WIOA Dashboard site launched

We may be jumping the gun, but we already converted our WIA dashboard site to a WIOA dashboard site. We really couldn't wait to freshen up the look and feel and prepare for some mobile-friendly dashboards. Hurray!

Dashboards currently report the most current USDOL quarterly WIA data, so we aren't quite at WIOA yet...but we'll be ready when the data is! Check out the new site and don't forget to sign up to be notified when dashboards are updated with new data.

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