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WIOA measures included in PM Preview

As we transition to WIOA from WIA, workforce development agencies can gain insight into their existing program data on activities and outcomes of the public workforce system in order to set policies and priorities during the transition to WIOA.

PM Preview not only allows for robust analysis and reporting of WIA program performance by tapping into your most current WIA data, but now includes preliminary WIOA performance metrics based on your existing data.

WIOA metrics in PM Preview will evolve as regulations are released, ensuring that users of PM Preview have access to the most up-to-date information on WIOA metrics for reporting and analysis at the state, WIB and AJC levels. Get a jump on WIOA accountability and be WIOA ready with PM Preview.


Data driven decisions are just an upload away.

PM Preview is about seeing your detailed performance data before it's submitted to USDOL. PM Preview puts statewide WIA performance data onto your desktop immediately after a wage match, allowing for detailed and dynamic reporting and analysis to the state, WIB and AJC levels. PM Preview utilizes cloud computing and the latest in web-based business intelligence technology that has been customized to specifically meet the reporting and analysis needs of local, state and national workforce development professionals or anyone with a vested interest in the performance of the public workforce system.

PM Preview puts your organization into the driver's seat for better performance by giving your team one single version of the truth about program performance in an intuitive, user friendly way. There is no query building, complex calculations, or static reports. WIA data is dynamic, accessible, and empowering to an organization building it's workforce intelligence. PM Preview provides critical information about program performance that can positively impact program and policy decision making and outcomes.

Demonstrations are available to fit your schedule or simply join a Drop-In Demo. PM Preview to include preliminary WIOA performance measures.

Key Features

PM Preview utilizes the Performance Matters data warehouse and application framework. Your PM Preview application is built just for your agency, with only your WIA data and includes the following features and services.

  • Secured Web application specific to your state, requires only a Web browser (IE) and an Internet connection.
  • Single click Excel exporting
  • Create a personal library of saved reports
  • Share reports across the your user community
  • Ad hoc report building, including custom charts and calculations using built in math and statistical formulas.
  • Customize report formats
  • Print options
  • Comprehensive Support Center
  • How-to Videos
  • Particpants Rosters (single admin level user only)
  • WIOA performance metrics upgrade
  • Access to PMQ application to explore national public WIA data released by USDOL


Available Data

PM Preview is populated with your state's quarterly WIASRD data file. PM Preview requires exactly the same WIASRD data file states submit to USDOL each quarter. Nothing more, nothing less.

Performance Goals Tracked

State level performance goals. Users can add WIB-level goals for additional analysis

Data Update Frequency

PM Preview is updated each quarter immediately after a UI wage match.

Includes Historical Data

PM Preview contains 2 years of historical data allowing you to do some comparisons of performance over time.

Data Validation with PM Verify

PM Preview includes the PM Verify data validation service for submitted WIASRD data files. As part of processing submitted data into your BI web application, the FutureWork data team runs submitted data through our PM Verify validation program which follows the same validation rules as EDVRS. PM Verify outputs a series of comprehensive reports, including error reports that may have been generated during this validation process. Reports that are generated from PM Verify are easy to understand and contain all the information needed to assist you in troubleshooting data issues. PM Verify ensures that the data in the BI system is in good form before end-users conduct analyses.

From Data to BI Access Fast

Performance Indicators

All Common Performance Measures for Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth. All "legacy" measures, including Adult and Dislocated Worker Earnings Change, Adult and Dislocated Worker Credential Rate, Older and Younger Youth metrics

Participant Flow Metrics

Self-Serve, New, Exited, Currently Enrolled, Carry-Over Participants

Performance Goals Included

PM Preview includes state level performance goals by default. Users can add WIB-level goals for additional analysis.

Drill Down Analytics

Drill down monitoring, analysis and reporting by:

  • State, WIB area and American Job Center
  • All WIA outcome metrics and Common Measures
  • Participant flow metrics
  • Participant characteristics
  • Participant services
  • Prior 2 program years and current program year (by month, quarter, year)


Dashboard Application

PM Preview includes a single Performance dashboard. Dashboards provide a 50,000 foot view of performance down to the WIB level. They are available online and interactive. They are shareable as a PDF document while maintaining their interactivity. Dashboards can be shared with others who don't have access to your PM Preview app. They're a great way to share performance information with key stakeholders.

Available Dashboards:

  • WIA Performance & Flow
    (All Common Measures, variance reporting to state performance goals, All participant flow metrics (served, exited, new participant), analysis to the WIB level)

The Online Rosters application is a secure application module attached to your Performance Matters Preview application. This module is designed to provide a single administrative user with access to the participant level record information for those WIA participants found within WIA Performance and Common Measures. Online Rosters are easily accessible and there are no special IT skills required.

Online Rosters highlights:

  • Easily investigate participant level data online, directly connected to your Performance Matters Plus application
  • Robust filtering, single-click sorting
  • Participant records for those within performance measures
  • Participant records for those pending inclusion in performance records
  • Plain-English reasons why participants didn't make a measure
  • Support documentation about how to use the rosters to improve performance
  • Export features to copy records to clipboard for pasting, export to PDF, Excel, CSV format
  • Printing
  • Accessible on tablets


Training & Support

PM Preview clients are trained over the Web in 3, 1-hour sessions. Ongoing support via phone, the Web, and email is available to all users. Users may access special online Webinars, when available.

PM Preview includes a comprehensive online Support Center, complete with how-to videos.

Pricing & Implementation

Request a detailed price quote.

Instant Implementation

PM Preview implementation is incredibly fast. Within 7 days, the FutureWork's team can have your PM Preview web application up and running and all users ready to roll. Training is Web based. Web, email and phone support is included.

WIOA Upgrade

WIOA performance reporting and anlaysis is coming to PM Preview December 2014. PM Preview's WIOA upgrade will bring WIOA performance metrics to you based on existing WIA data. Give your transition team at the state and local levels information that is essential to sound planning for almost all of the priority areas suggested in TEGL 12-14.

With our WIOA upgrade for WIOA analysis, PM Preview users can answer many questions at both a statewide level and benchmarked by WIB and even AJC levels.

  • Whom are we serving with what outcomes and services with a focus on those with barriers to employment as defined by WIOA?
  • For youth, what percent served are out of school and what activities have resulted in the best outcomes?
  • What type of training has produced the best results for selected groups with a focus on Job-Driven training such as OJT and Customized Training?
  • What are the outcomes by Occupational Training codes and how do these codes align with local priorities and labor market demand?
  • Whom are we serving by Industry code and in what industry codes are exiters being employed? How does this align with our sector strategies?
  • What is the rate and type of credentials we are training for and what are the outcomes for each type of credential?
  • To what extent are we co-enrolling with partner programs such as Wagner-Peyser, Voc Rehab and Adult Ed and with what outcomes?
  • What the characteristics and outcomes for those served with core and intensive services which could forecast outcomes for Career Services under WIOA?
  • What are my actual WIOA primary outcomes for the 15 new measures based on current activity and how does this compare with WIA outcomes?
  • How does my state or WIB compare with a similar state or WIB in almost all of the questions listed above?

In addition to informing key WIOA transition issues, PM Preview provides policymakers with a state-of-the-art, decision support system to carefully track the final 18 months of WIA performance measures. Exiters beginning in January 2015 will start the exit cohorts for new WIOA measures beginning July 1, 2016.

Eligible Training Provider Analytics Now Available

Performance Matters is now mining vast amount of data from client WIOA PIRL data files to tap ETP info for in-depth analytics and reporting.

  • View ETP performance across your entire State or Workforce Development Board.
  • Slice ETP outcome data by participant characteristics or services.
  • Drill to see ETP outcomes by occupations trained and see who entered employment related to training.
  • Monitor participant flow by ETP and occupations trained...or isolate it by Case Manager.

The depth of ETP analytics in Performance Matters gives powerful insight never before seen. The performance questions that can be answered are nearly limitless.

See detailed ETP performance, explore rich sector and occupational data, and jump into predictive reporting analytics so you're never wondering about coming outcomes. We can use your own data in a demonstration of our Performance Matters BI application!

Schedule a Demonstration of Performance Matters today.

How can Business Intelligence Improve your Performance?

It's simple...Business Intelligence (BI) applications give instant, intuitive access to program data across your agency to support a performance dialog and inform program and policy decisions supported by data. Our Performance Matters application services are fast, intuitive and strictly designed to help you go beyond mere reporting. We want your agency to have reporting and analytics capabilities that can empower staff to understand what's happening within WIOA programs, for whom, why, when and be given the necessary information to act upon that insight. It all amounts to a smarter agency, what we call Workforce Intelligence, thus giving your agency the ability to perform at its best and better meet the needs of the communities you serve.

But to really understand how BI can help Workforce Development initiatives, you must see it for yourself and take a moment to hear from experts who have implemented it across the workforce development system, across states and Workforce Development Boards.

Want to use your WIOA data to help drive decisions? Want to learn more? Let us know.

We offer test drives of Performance Matters using your own data. Demonstrations are available at your request

New WIOA Dashboards Now Available

Our WIOA dashboard site is updated and has two complimentary dashboards that examines WIOA performance indicator outcomes across the nation, as well as a detailed look at occupations trained by each state. WIOA dashboards tap USDOL publicly available national WIOA data. We load the data to our BI Data Center where our interactive dashboards bring the data to life for all to see. In addition, this same data is tapped for comprehensive reporting and analytics at the national, USDOL Region, State, Workforce Development Board and Eligible Training Provider levels using our robust, subscription-based PM National BI application service. Get instant, affordable access to national WIOA performance data to help data drive your WIOA program and policy decisions.

Visit the site and sign up to receive notification when dashboards are updated with new data!

PM National BI Application Service

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