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WIOA Indicator Definitions and Timing Chart

WIOA 101 - Overview of Performance Indicators
WIOA 101 - Data Availability
WIOA 101- WIOA Service Level Chart, Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker and Title III Wagner-Peyser
WIOA 101 - WIOA Service Level Chart - Title I Youth
WIOA 101 - Exclusions to WIOA Performance Indicators: A Desktop Guide - Title I Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth and Title III Wagner-Peyser

WIOA Performance - ETA Resources

WIOA Performance Accountability - Hot Topics! (Focus on Credential Rate and Measurable Skill Gains - 1/11/2017)
Understanding the Statistical Model and its Use in Negotiations
Beyond 101 - WIOA Performance Accountability
Evidence-Building Capacity: Research and Evaluation in State Workforce Agencies
Effectiveness in Serving Employers
Factsheet on Serving Special Populations

Data Tools

State Labor Market Information Department Websites

StatsAmerica State Profiles

Census Bureau Population Data

State Data Centers

Regional Economic Data

Business and Economic Data

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages historic data

Demographic Narrative Profiles

Census State Demographic Profiles

Disability Data Resources

Educational Attainment Profiles

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages data for 2012-forward

ETA WIOA Resources

ETA WIOA Resources Page

Other WIOA Resources

Labor Market Analysis for Informed Decision-Making (3/28/2016)
WIOA Wednesday: WIOA Performance Accountability—Hot Topics! (1/27/2017)
WIOA Wednesday: Performance Accountability, Part 1 (11/9/2016)
WIOA Wednesday: Performance Accountability, Part 2 (11/9/2016)
How WIOA Performance Data Works (Workforce Data Quality Campaign)

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA): Driving Innovation, Collaboration, and Performance (NAWB)

Workforce Investment Act & Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Side-by-Side (National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA))

National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) WIOA Resource Center

National Skills Coalition (Search WIOA)

American Association of Community Colleges (AACC): Guide to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Oh yeah! WIOA data views are popping up in Performance Matters

We're not quite receiving the new WIOA PIRL file from our Performance Matters clients, but we are ready for it!

Regardless, the data we do receive under WIA's WIASRD file is enough to provide us with what we need to calculate the lionshare of WIOA indicators. Clients should expect to see WIOA specific data views appear on their Performance Matters site as early as July, along with announcements for special Webinar sessions to introduce them.

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WIOA Dashboard site launched

We may be jumping the gun, but we already converted our WIA dashboard site to a WIOA dashboard site. We really couldn't wait to freshen up the look and feel and prepare for some mobile-friendly dashboards. Hurray!

Dashboards currently report the most current USDOL quarterly WIA data, so we aren't quite at WIOA yet...but we'll be ready when the data is! Check out the new site and don't forget to sign up to be notified when dashboards are updated with new data.

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