We've helped Workforce Development agencies across the country use data to drive decisions since 2000.

From the very beginning our goal was clear: to create intuitive and cost-effective Web-based business intelligence application services for the reporting and analysis of WIA performance data combined with expert technical assistance services in support of USDOL initiatives.

We recognize that the workforce development system needs the right business intelligence technology tools married with expert workforce development tech assistance services and support to help agencies at all levels within realize the inherent value of program performance data to drive decisions. Our mission continues to this day under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). WIOA expands our mission to support additional stakeholders in Title II, Adult Education and Title IV Vocational Rehabilitation programs. Now more than ever, the need to leverage data for policy and program decision making is critical to the success and ongoing improvement of employment and training programs across the country.

In early 2000, FutureWork Systems launched Workforce Performance Matters (known to today as Performance Matters Plus) as a Web-based application service to help states and WDBs manage, track, report and analyze WIA performance data to support program and policy decision making. Intuitive, ease of access to performance data across all technical skill-levels was set as the cornerstone of the application design, opening up performance data access and providing users with single-click access in whatever configuration they demanded, right from a web browser. Data is uploaded to the FutureWorks' Data Center, stored in the cloud and delivered via the Performance Matters Plus Web app.

Performance Matters was the first and continues to be the only Business Intelligence (BI) solution specifically designed, developed and implemented to effectively and efficiently address workforce development system needs for a comprehensive performance management system for reporting and analytics to support data-driven decisions. It has provided workforce agencies with a "single version of the truth," promoting a performance dialogue and the building of "workforce intelligence" within agencies while at the same time providing the resources and cost savings of a cloud computing architecture and application service provider model, freeing client IT resources and dollars for more mission critical tasks.

For the first time, the benefits of private sector business intelligence, data warehousing and cloud computing technology specifically designed and developed for workforce development was easily accessible to workforce development professionals nationwide, bringing many important advantages to workforce agencies.

Utilizing an application service delivery model in the cloud brought federal, state and local workforce development boards many important benefits.

  • No burden on IT departments: FutureWork Systems' handles all IT infrastructure, data warehousing, software licensing, implementation and ongoing application maintenance, upgrades and support.
  • Cost efficiencies are realized as the application and data warehouse are centralized to the FutureWork Systems' data center for all client application services. Client resources and budgets are freed for other, more mission critical purposes.
  • A performance dialogue is promoted. Decision making can be based on facts found within the data accessible in a client's Performance Matters application service. No more worrying about where the data is coming from or waiting for reports to get generated and delivered to the people that need on-demand access to performance information for their agency. The reporting and analysis paradigm shifts from "how are going to generate that report?" to "what do we want to know?"
  • Data is democratized. Access to performance data can be provided to anyone. It's up to our clients. Information can become more transparent, democratized. The agency can develop "workforce intelligence." A dialogue around performance becomes reality. Decisions can become data-driven.
  • Users with a wide range of technical expertise can have program performance information access. FutureWork's web applications are designed to be intuitive and interactive. The application is easily approachable by all technical skills levels. There is no coding or complicated query building. Dashboards simplify performance information for the laymen, while data views can allow users to dig deep into the data.

To date, Performance Matters applications continue to be delivered in the cloud via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, saving clients significant time, money and resources.

Our focus over the past 19 years has not changed. We continue to provide business intelligence Web application services specifically designed for workforce development professionals to support continuous improvement efforts of workforce development programs across the nation. We continue to utilize the latest in Business Intelligence web application technology and cloud computing and have significantly increased our capacity to serve a broader range of workforce program performance data, including Wagner-Peyser, Trade Act, and custom state specific workforce initiatives in one, single, integrated system. This provides agencies with one, single version of the truth during performance discussions that can span across many different programs. Under WIOA, our application reach will expand and be ever more important across Titles I - IV.

Performance Matters has expanded to working with national WIA data available from USDOL in, Performance Matters Quarterly (PMQ). And our Performance Matters application service continues to evolve, improving our user experiences through interactive dashboards, online participant rosters, enhanced application features and robust tech support and tech assistance services and resources to help end-users connect performance questions with answers found within their program data.

We're excited about WIOA. With the word "performance" mentioned 298 times in the 300 page Act, it's clear that tracking, monitoring and most importantly, understanding the performance of workforce development and training initiatives under WIOA are a top priority. To effectively have that information at the fingertips of those making decisions and other key stakeholders, technology tools and services, such as Performance Matters, that provide instant insight into program data for those at any technical skill level will play a critical role.

Our latest version of Performance Matters fully supports WIOA performance reporting requirements and analytics while maintaining ease of access for end-users of a wide range of technical skillsets.

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