Goodbye Data Confidentiality Concerns.

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Say goodbye to your concerns over WIA data confidentiality. Our cloud-based business intelligence applications do not require WIA participant Wage data. In addition, we can take extra steps to ease any concerns over confidentiality and none of it negatively impacts the value our business intelligence application services deliver.

It’s simple. Agencies can now take advantage of business intelligence applications for Workforce Development program reporting and analysis knowing that it’s now a no-risk-at-all proposition when it comes to data security.  

Problem: Data confidentiality concerns prevent evidence-based analysis.

Workforce agencies across the country want more from their reporting. They seek data access that can enable reporting which is more intuitive and that can support agency efforts to deliver evidence-based analysis in their decision-making.

But data confidentiality concerns often scuttle these initiatives before they start.  Agencies need absolute assurances that sensitive data is secure. In many cases, data is locked up tight and agencies are left without options for accessing Workforce Intelligence applications.

Solution: Eliminate the sensitive data while delivering robust analytics.

FutureWorks’ core business intelligence application service taps WIA data provided in the WIASRD format. Confidentiality of this data is a constant concern for many in the workforce system.

The Federal Employment and Training Administration (ETA) of the USDOL has implemented very stringent guidelines to anonymize WIA participant data files prior to distribution.  These guidelines are implemented in ETA’s release of public WIASRD information for over 6 million participants each quarter.

Our Secured WIASRD file format follows exactly the same stringent guidelines set by ETA, and takes additional steps to assure even greater confidentiality of WIASRD data.

Our Secured WIASRD Option eliminates confidentiality concerns by applying the following changes to the WIASRD.

FutureWork Systems

Confidentiality guidelines for Secured WIASRD Option File

Employment and Training Administration, USDOL

Confidentiality guidelines for public WIASRD

Using the Secured WIASRD Option as a data source eliminates concerns over confidentiality allowing any States/Workforce Development Boards interested in adopting business intelligence application services a barrier-free path to workforce intelligence and data-driven decision making.

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