Employer Penetration

Percentage of employers using WIOA core program services out of all employers in the State

The total number of establishments, as defined by the BLS QCEW program, that received a service or, if it is an ongoing activity, are continuing to receive a service or other assistance during the reporting period DIVIDED by the total number of establishments, as defined by BLS QCEW, located within the State during the final month or quarter of the reporting period. This measure is a unique count of employers using WIOA core programs. If an establishment receives, or continues to receive, more than one service during the reporting period (i.e., during the program year), that establishment should be counted only once in this calculation.

For this measure, States must report data elements E3 and E4 found in “WIOA Effectiveness in Serving Employers’ Data Elements and Specifications” part of the WIOA joint reporting requirements (see Attachment 4, Table A for the data elements and their definitions). For employers with more than one physical location, the QCEW reports each work site as a separate establishment and therefore, the total number of business establishments receiving services should be counted this way.

Attachment 4, Table B also includes definitions for the different categories of “Core Program Services” that may be counted when calculating this measure. For example, a placement through the title IV VR program would fall under the “Worker Recruitment Assistance” category and would therefore count as a core program service.

Note: For more information about QCEW, see below.

Overview of the BLS QCEW Program
The QCEW program publishes a quarterly count of employment and wages reported by employers covering 98 percent of U.S. jobs, available at the county, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), State and national levels by industry. The Departments consider this data, collected from the States, to be an accurate count of the total work sites in a given State or county. For more information about the QCEW program and for accessing the work-site counts in a given State or county, please visit: http://www.bls.gov/cew/.