Employment Rate Q4

Final WIOA Indicator Definition per TEGL 10-16

Employment Rate – Fourth Quarter After Exit is the percentage of program participants who are in unsubsidized employment during the fourth quarter after exit from the program.

Calculation includes all program participants, except those participating in the title I Youth program (which will be discussed separately below):

The number of participants who exited during the reporting period who are found to be employed, either through direct UI wage record match, Federal or military employment records, or supplemental wage information, in the fourth quarter after the exit quarter DIVIDED by the number of participants who exited during the reporting period. This is described in Attachment 10, Figure 3.

Operational Parameters:
Calculation of levels of performance for this indicator includes all participants who exit from the title I Adult, title I Dislocated Worker, title II AEFLA, title III Employment Service, and title IV VR programs, except States must not include (in either the numerator or denominator) those who exit for any of the reasons listed in Attachment 2, Table A.