WIOA Performance Indicators - Exit/Activity Cohorts & Definitions
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WIOA Service Level Chart - Title I Adult and DW and Title III Wagner-Peyser | WIOA Service Level Chart - Title I Youth | Desk Guide WIOA Exclusions| USDOL TEGL 10-16, Change 1

      WIA PY 2015 WIOA PY 2016*
WIOA PY 2017 WIOA PY 2018
Adult, DW, Youth Jan-Mar 2015 Apr-Jun 2015 Jul-Sep 2015 Oct-Dec 2015 Jan-Mar 2016 Apr-Jun 2016 Jul-Sep 2016 Oct-Dec 2016 Jan-Mar 2017 Apr-Jun 2017 Jul-Sep 2017 Oct-Dec 2017 Jan-Mar 2018 Apr-Jun 2018 Jul-Sep 2018 Oct-Dec 2018 Jan-Mar 2019 Apr-Jun 2019
USDOL Exiters                                    
Employment Rate Q2
[Educ/Emp for Youth]
    WIA exiters                              
Median Earnings Q2**     WIA exiters                              
Employment Rate Q4
[Educ/Emp for Youth]
WIA exiters                                  
Credential Rate*** WIA exiters                                  
Indicators not currently available. Pending Data  
Skill Gains (real time)                                    
Employer Indicators (states choose 2; shared outcome)  
Employer Retention Q2 and Q4                                    
Employer Penetration                                    
Repeat Business Customer                                    

*Note the Skill Gains performance indicator is the only reportable metric for WIOA PY 2016.