Moving from Data to Decisions

Clients submit federally defined data formats, and any custom data files, extracted from case management systems for the data they'd like to load into their business intelligence application and decide who needs to have access to the application.

Under WIOA, the PIRL data file is the data file extracted from case management systems. This data format are simple to obtain since every Case Management system must be able to output them to meet federal data submission requirements. FutureWork Systems does the rest.

Below are the simple steps loading workforce system data into your agency's unique business intelligence application service.

  1. Decide what data to make available in the business intelligence Web application (PIRL + supplemental data file with additional data elements and Custom Data Set)

  2. Data is securely submitted to FutureWork Systems Data Center via secured FTP for processing by the FutureWorks data team

  3. The data team runs data through PM Verify, validating data following federal data validation rules. The team returns a detailed and understandable validation report back to client. This happens within hours of data submission.

  4. Once the data is processed, the Web application services are updated on a staging application pending final client approval to go live

  5. First round of quality aassurance is conducted by the data team

  6. Data reconciliation reports are delivered to key client contacts for review and approval

  7. Final application quality assurance is conducted by the data team

  8. Web application is updated with new data

  9. Registered users are notified via email

  10. End-users create the reports and analytics they need to support program and policy decisions.
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